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Change Your Life in 7 Days – September 2022

This is a unique opportunity to gain an exceptional new state of the art set of skills, become highly capable in an environment of transformational personal change.

The technologies you will learn to use.


Hypnosis is one of the most powerful techniques for fast, effective behavioural change. You will learn the secrets of the power of hypnosis and advanced hypnotic skills, helping yourself and others make dramatic life changes.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is one of the most advanced psychological technologies in the world for excellent communication and personal development, used by leading therapists all over the world. You will learn the NLP strategies for success, personal change and specific outcomes.


Havening is a psychosensory therapy. Using the sensory input of touch as its therapeutic tool, Havening is different from talking therapies, it’s a system of techniques which is seemingly simple, yet can be used to de-link traumatic memories, and permanently remove their negative effect from both the psyche and body.


Coaching is an approach to personal change which activates a person own inner resources to make dynamic powerful lasting life changes. There are multiple model of coaching you will learn some of the most effective principles and models from the best of the best.


DAY ONE – Running Your Own Brain

You will learn how to control your neuro-physiological states using internal imagery, internal dialogue, and physiology. You will also learn how to amplify positive states and turn them on at will, increasing confidence and motivation.

DAY TWO – The Power of Perspective and Changing Beliefs

Learn how to change your perceptual filters to make you more resilient and resourceful and create empowering beliefs and a positive self-image. You will also learn NLP techniques for changing beliefs and behaviours.

DAY THREE – Hypnosis and Havening

Learn self-hypnosis mastering deep states of trance, entering meditation states for inner bliss, energy and creativity. Also, learn the basics of the Havening technique, the new psycho-sensory therapy for successfully treating anxiety, stress, and trauma.

DAY FOUR – Discovering What You Truly Want and Creating a Compelling Future

Overcoming resistance and self-sabotage to release your personal brilliance. Accessing your deepest values, designing goals and creating a compelling future. How to organise your thinking and behaviour to get the results you want in life.

DAY FIVE – Creating a Healthy Mind and Body.

Learn the latest techniques for controlling stress, creating radiant health, and boosting your immune system. You will also learn and practice how to overcome anxieties, fears and stress in yourself and others.

DAY SIX – The Success Mindset

Discover the secrets of how super-achievers think about the world and themselves, and how this can be applied to business, relationships, and life; making your world richer in every sense.

DAY SEVEN – The Secrets to Inner Happiness

Learn the difference between pleasure and happiness, and how to create inner happiness and peace. This final day will involve incorporating all you have learned in the past week to create the life you want going forward.

  • London
  • 11 – 17 Sept
  • 10:00 – 17:00 daily